Sarah Bang Hansen

Sarah Bang Hansen, as a fashion designer, likes to explore, to analyze, to examine the texture and consistence of fabric. 

She elaborates plane cotton with rust; she applies hand made knitwear processing to wide cotton stripes; and she drapes wool fiber to create dress.
During her design process she works with "the weight, the sound, the movement of the gowns".
"It has always fascinated me to work with contrasts."

Her design is a reaction to our society.
She analyzes the dark universe of the human been, and with her works she gives a response to the superficiality of the contemporary society, that is focused on the aesthetics of beauty; while ugliness is more interesting.

Any fashion designer, according to her, should be able to tell a story; but you can do it if "you are able to experiment and have fun […] however, the design today is too commercialized […] I would like to see more designer follow their own direction".

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