Euna Jung

Euna Jung loves to design women wear because it can be decline into many different style. Also "is an understanding and respecting women's body form and shape […] confidence and love of oneself'.

Her design is modern and chic, however effortless.

For her knitwear collection she researched vintage sweaters, with a "consideration of similar yarn qualities, hand feel and color tones". Then she re-elaborated the garment, coming out with different design by re-knitting them together, cutting and draping.
During this project she leered new technique such ad felting and macrame, developing new shape and design for her knitwear collection: "I experienced working with different material and new techniques".

Most of her design works present a dark palette color, however she likes bright and vibrant color like hot pink, royal blue and red. 

"I always start the color selection based on my own inspiration and research, then I adjust them based on the season trend color […] I believe colors have a very strong voice and they have a story to tell, by adding light and fun to a collection".

A fashion designer should design for him self but also for his costumers, and garments should be shaped according to the currents needs: sociological and functional. "I would love to design garments that make who wear them confident about him self".

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