Stephanie Swann

Stephanie Swann is a fashion photographer.
She love story telling, but she is also passionate about fashion, styling and textiles: "I can get very excited about the way a fabric drapes, transparency, silhouettes, colour and texture".

The creative journey, from the evolution of the idea to the polished final images, the collaboration with designers and make-up artists who have a vision, "it's fascinating".  
This is how she defines herself: "I am a detail obsessive, so the creative process begins with mood boards and research, research and then a little more research. I am a details freak". And the result of this are shoots with a strong visual impact.

"I fell casting the correct model is imperative to the success of a shoot"

She prefers location shoot, even if is more difficult the control of the lighting, because she can use interesting backdrops. Also a location, comparing to a studio that can offer the security of shelter, can encapsulate the narrative story and gives more suggestion.

She grow up shooting on film and creating minimal adjustments in the darkroom, however "I fell Photoshop is an immensely powerful tool which is an essential part of a photographers work flow"

Anyhow, she rather chooses the right camera and spends a lot of time in the shooting session, leaving a minimum part to the post edition: "I am not in favor of elaborate digital manipulations".

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