Ruan Kitchener

Ruan Kitchener lives in London.
He specializes in women wear and his style is feminine and romantic. His graduated collection was presented at the Showcased during the London fashion week in June 2010.

Designer: Ruan Kitchener Photographer: Stefania Swan


Coming out from a fairy tale, his collection is in nude color and black. The fabrics are crystal chiffon, Venetian wool and fish leather; enhanced by blanked stitching and Swarovski crystals.

"A maiden constantly let down by her prince, and the crippling depressing that enveloped her mind, ultimately changed her body and her outlook on love in general […] she became more wild."
The cape and hat designed by Ruan express the wildness and protection a beautiful princess needs to preserve herself in this world full of antiheroes.

Design to him is his lively hood, "it's the reason I get up in the morning"; he used to draw new clothes for Disney characters when he was a child because "they wore the same costume throughout the whole film".

According to him, a designer should be able to express his idea and "drawing for me is essential in my job, because it's the quickest"; but drawing it's not the only way a designer has to express himself, especially nowadays where a designer has so many way to communicate his concept and design.

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