Elena Capoccia

Elena Capoccia lives in Rome.
She is a talented fashion illustrator with a passion for fabrics. She can recreate the feeling of print and pattern in an amazing way by pencil and marker.

Since she was a child, she used to draw the model from fashion magazine. During her study, she was more passionate about drawing than designing, and since then, she goes through her passion. Always challenging herself by pushing her talent for a better result: "I'm never full satisfy about my drawing, I always want a more strong visual impact".

That's way, in her latest works, she showed black and white model, in contrast with colorful outfit: "I tried to use full color in the entire figure, but the final result most of the time left me disappointed".

She loves the style, the music and the atmosphere of the '70, '80 and '90 as well. So, most of the time, for her drawing, she get inspired by those period of time. Especially for the palette color and print fabric.

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