Veronika Brusa

Veronika Brusa is a fashion designer from Switzerland.
She use to live in Warsaw and Buenos Aires, and since 2010 she lives in Shanghai.

Personal data
Her collection are available in the city of Basel, Zurich, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Monthey, Fribourg.

Her design is "independent, non-commercial with very height artistic standards", where fine fabrics, like cashmere and silk, play the most important roles. Her inspiration comes from foreign surrounding, something that she has to explore and analyze in order to stimulate her creativity.

The last collection is based on the dynamics and optimistic spirit of a fast developing metropolis like Shanghai, her last work brings together refined and unconventional elements from modern Chinese architecture and contrast with organic forms.

According to her: "A designer is an artist that deals with various techniques, such print, woodcuts, collages and drawings. And always improve himself by challenge his production, experimenting and finding new methodology".

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