Francesca Paolin

Francesca Paolin became a fashion designer for make her own garment, her own style, for not being a trend follower: "during the 80's and 90's I did not like what was on trend […] shoulder pads and loud jewelry […] or just black color".
Photographer: Roberta De Min; Model: Alessandra Prian.
As well, she is interested in the connection between personality and body language express by the cloths and color you are using in you daily life: "I am fascinated by people, their individual style and their personality".
For her Multiplicity collection she followed the idea of "mixing things apparently randomly […] elements and concepts that are the opposite to each other like tastes, ages, colors, materials, and memories".

Photographer: Roberta De Min; Model: Alessandra Prian.
During this collection she was researching and knowing herself as a designer, and doing this random mix, she found her "double side".
We have new elements combine with old one, soft and harsh, colorless and bright, all together for create and unique collection.

Photographer: Roberta De Min; Model: Alessandra Prian.
For her EcoGlam collection she used fabrics "from vintage clothes, or from regenerated fibers", and the idea was to develop shape that can easily fit different kind of body size; this is possible "by elements that look like decoration or embellishment"

Photographer: Roberta De Min; Model: Giulia Beltrame.
She thinks that not just fashion designer should work for develop a sustainable design; every one should be envolved in sustainability because "[it] is a challenge for all populations; every action can compromise or help the environment".

According to her: "design means quality at 360°: an original idea, research and experimentation, good design, and the right materials".


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Francesca, your clothes are amazing!!

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