Stathis Samantas

Stathis Samantas is a shoes designer.
He studied industrial design, and he has good skill in prototype construction and model: essential ability for a good and comfortable result.

"Making a shoe is a real construction and everything should be in perfect condition. The materials, the sole, the heels".
He is from Greece and some magazine in his country compared him to the Greek Manolo Blahnik due to his passion for high hill, that include desire, fetish and fantasies. Or, as he says, "high heels smell sex".

In his last design work, he mixed leather and perspex because he like the contradiction of nature and technology, but also because the main characteristic of perspex is to be transparent. The appeal of female foot is emphasize by showing as much as skin as possible through a material, is "like a shop window […], a foot window".

In his design also the use of color is important, and vibrant color are the one that he choose the most because they "express optimism, the bright side of life"

According to him design is "fulfilling human needs under certain social circumstances […], is the context in which aesthetic materialism meets human desire".

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