Here a (fairy) story about fashion brand and emerging designers.

Since September 2010, the mono brand Dolce&Gabbana in Via Spiga 2 (Milan), changed his supply.
Together with Dolce&Gabbana men and women's accessories, costumers can find the collection of some contemporary designers coming from across the globe.
The duo of the Made in Italy explained that they wanted to give visibility to new emerging designers by giving them a unique and real opportunity.
Finally something new on the fashion scene in Italy, a country where old brands dominate it for almost 30 years. A country where new designers are not supported. A country that needs new ideas, and a different interpretation of style.
It is sound amazing.

How it works?
There is a staff of buyers that work for Spiga2. Those buyers travel around the world to discover emerging designers.
In the fashion capital (New York, London, Milan, Paris) there are events during the fashion week that hold catwalks for new designers.
The buyers of Spiga2 go to those events and they select some piece of the collection of menswear or women wears for the store.

From the 22nd of February there is Milan fashion week, and WHITE is a strategic reference for more than fifteen-thousand buyers, also the one of Spiga2.

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