Puspita Sekarsari

Puspita Sekarsari develop her passion for fashion when, as a little child, she followed her mother to the sewing class; and, under the drafting table, she colored the illustration in her mother's patterns book.

"Fashion is really challenging, and it makes our life full of color and interest at the same time".
It is more than a decade that designers and fashion brands collaborate against AIDS; in 2004 the project DAA was launched in order to raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public.

In 2008 Puspita Sekarsari won an awards for the red ribbon project. Her inspiration was the conceptualization about "how [person suffering of HIV] are bounded by the virus".
According to her fashion can communicate widely and inform a copious number of person, and for this reason fashion should be involved in more social issue.

She design women wears, and her design is for a woman that wants to be in power and she is not afraid to wear whatever she likes in any kind of situation. Those concepts follow her philosophy of free design: "there is not ugly or bad [fashion] design, but just what you like and you fell confident with".

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