Yoshimasa Ito

Yoshimasa Ito is a fashion designer; but he is also talented as an illustrator.
He rather designs women wear because "the infinite beauty of women" fascinates him; however in his portfolio there are also some menswear projects.
"The meaning of design is to simplify human life by tweaked intelligence".

As a designer, he takes care about a big issue like pollution. Regarding this, he developed a collection using recycled wool.

"The fashion industry creates beauty and inspires your fantasy, but at the same time, mass production of garments and accessories pollutes the environments"
By recycling used garments for creating new one, fashion designer can contribute with their ability to communicate and spread to consumers a new approach to fashion. 
His design is structural, inspired by architectural shape.
He uses bold color and geometric shape, because in his mind any woman should be outstanding and not afraid of her beauty.

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