Ritsuko Hirai

Ritsuko Hirai is a painter and a textile designer, and she is really passionate in what she does.
"Painting and drawing allow me to observe and see the colors and textures of the reality […] they also make me step back and be objective about my project".

Panting, knitting, working with patter on fabric has the same kind of approach "you can feel how colors react adjacent to each other".

She paints on the fabrics and then she uses them to drape fluid shape that flow around the body like water.

"Fabrics are like the water in different environments, when a piece of fabrics interacts with a human body, you can't really predict which one of the multiple facets it can become".

Since 2007 she worked for Ports 1961 where she creates fashion illustration, artwork and textile designs; during the same time the creative director Tia Cibani launched her own kid's label, kicokids, and she asked to Ritsuko to develop some illustration and patter for kids wear.
"Children have solid shades, develop kids wear allow me to play with marker".

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