Manuprasad Mathew

Manuprasad Mathew is from India and he grew into be a designer.
"Since I was a child, I had a knack of making and crafting objects […] it was my favorite leisure time activity".

"Design is all about Happiness […] because in the end it is the happiness that makes the difference".
As a designer he collaborates with the craft maker of hand loom in Kerala. He analyzes trends and style in India and he finds new market for the weavers and artisans by giving them new inputs and design directions.

Also the project IOU supports the collaboration between artisans and designer, to develop unique craft products.

For his project kanchi hues he won the Italian Design Dot awards.
In this fusion collection, bright and colorful, he revised Indian traditional shape with fresh and young eyes. Based on existing infrastructure, he explored different product possibility and developed new shape and color combination.

"One of the main aspect of design is to communicate clearly and effectively". This philosophy is visible in all the projects Mathew developed, a designer with different interest and talents.

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