Button, new year and other stuff.

Last year luxury brands grew. However the aim of this blog is to promote new talents, not famous brands.
Our work is to give more visibility to the new generation. Young designers have a different approach to creativity; they research a new aesthetic of beauty (or ugliness); skillful person able to discover new fabrics or capable to elaborate old materials in different and unusual way. Those are the reasons why we like to work with them.

However, young designers do not have the visibility and notoriety of famous brands. So, what is going to be their future?

Buttons are a small fastener, a little detail on the garments and accessories, which secures two-piece of fabric together.
Button and button-like objects have been discovered in China and Ancient Rome during the Bronze Age. Initially, buttons were used as ornaments rather than fasteners.
In the 13th century garments presented functional buttons with buttonholes for fastening. During the industrial revolution, in the 18th century, buttons became indispensable tools to fasten men shirts and women garments.
In the '60s menswear had button as main details, and during the '80s fashion designer designed branded buttons. In the '90s buttons were no more so fashionable, zips and Velcro took their place in young wear and sportswear.
Today buttons are still important, but designers can choose to use other tools to fasten garments.

Our hope for the new years is that young designer are going to be more visible; if we compare famous fashion brands to buttons, our wish is that in the near future the new talent of Designer: Generation 2.0 are going to be like zips and Velcro: a choice beside buttons.

We wish you a Happy New Year.

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Claire said...

I love these buttons! Can you buy them anywhere?
They are GREAT!