Steve Michaelson

Steve Michaelson is a free lance designer specializes in men activewear and sports apparel.  However this type of design chose him, not vice versa.
During the '90 he was working as an illustrator and graphic designer, while he got a temporary work at Adidas America Apparel Design Department in Portland.

"At the time Adobe Illustrator was a relatively new thing to the Apparel Design world […] I was really fast on Illustrator and could do the production work for all of the designers in the department. So they kept me".

His ability in the use of Illustrator was shortly implemented by the knowledge in textile design and garment construction.
He valorized his portfolio working for brand like Adidas, Quiksilver and Under Armour. "All of them have been satisfying to me for some reason or another. I have learned so much from each experience".

As a free lance he tries different design field; he loves to challenge himself; and he likes to learn new thinks, new way, new media to express himself.
"I started designing apparel graphics while at Under Armour and haven't stopped since. It is an area I feel I am still expanding and developing".  

Developing product design and accessories design, however, is a field where he still can challenge himself: "I hope I get more work doing it".

He has also some advice, while he is stressing that the Fashion Design World can be pretty brutal: "I think a designer should try all different types of media at first while in school to see which best fits them […] once you have found that, focus on it and you will most likely find success, but never ever close a door before it is even opened".

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