Purple Accessories

Purple Accessories is a design studio located in Rome, Italy. They have handmade and unique design; and they mix together raw material, fun and toys.
Purple Accessories born when three designer, with they own brand, choose to work as a team because "three different minds create something magic".

According to them design means create new and useful items for out time and society, something that is at the same time eco and unlike anything else.
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The aim of Hearth is to create ethic and equal products like shoes, bag, and necklaces with raw materials. It is eco-friendly and in juxtaposition to the mass production it has handmade product.

Annienoir tells stories by printing them on t-shirt; and it is focused on the use of photography to communicate fashion.
An then Edo', the youngest and playful brand that has an ironic approach to design, however it never looses the purpose of using recycled materials.

All together they make purple accessories, a friendly place where to brainstorm about design and fashion.

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