Hannes Gade

Hannes Gade, as a student,  was a designer at 360°, who likes to experiment different design field.
He realized his affinity for fashion while he was developing a concept for graphic design, during his study in industrial and communication design.

More he was working on project related to fashion design, more his passion for fashion increase.
"Das Pudels Kern" is the project that makes him discover his real passion. This project is a comic based on Mephistopheles, the main character of Goethe's Faust.

Mephistopheles his a devil whit some love inside, so the color of the comic are shades of gray, for the darker side; and pink, for the good soul. During the development, Hannes designed a bags collection to implement his project. The initial idea was to make a bag for the comics, however he ended up with a small collection. In the bags he represented both side of Mephistopheles, like for the comic, using black lather for the outside and soft pink for the lining. On the front part of the bag there are some cut, fastened by cord. "The pink is willing to break out […] it symbolizes the soul of the main character when the good parts wants to come out, but only in certain situation".

"UCON-Acrobatics" is a collaboration with the brand UCON; with this one he started his career as a fashion designer. His inspiration was the fashion of the 50's that he combined with the clean and simple line of the brand.
Nowadays is working as a free lance for several fashion brands, developing design and illustration as well.

"I like to design new looks inspired by feature linked to previous period […] we have to learn from the past to design for the future".

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