Olga Kasianova (Ольга Касьянова)

Olga Kasianova is a visionary designer that follow her intuition and feeling in her design, while she is trying not to depart too much from the global trends.

Every time she starts a new collection, she observes what is going on in the cultural activity (arts, music, movies) and in the social surrounding: "it is very important for any designer to follow all that is happening and events that take place next to you , but also in the whole world".

She likes to work with bright colors, like cyan and yellow, used almost in a graphic style. This graphic concept is clear in the collection "Northen light".

She used white and black color to obtain contrast, and green, cyan and yellow colors to light it. Natural fabric like felt is shaped in a geometric composition; to give a warmer feeling to the over all collection some piece are trimmed with fur.

Also in the collection "Efra" the use of natural materials, like silk and leather, is crucial for Olga: "I make a point, and for my collection I just use natural fabrics". Here the colors are close to the earth, brownish, highlighted by light blue.

The photo shooting was settled to fit with the designer's idea of African tribe, like the hair style (hats) and the jewelry. All the accessories are designed to match the garments.

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