Snow Lee

Snow Lee is a young chinese fashion designer; she develop her skills in Shanghai, a city where young people are fashionable and there are a lot of different sub cultural at the same moment that inspire her.

"In Shanghai people gathers from the entire world. This resource can give me a great impact" - as she claimed - "the city itself has its own history; and the buildings have their unique characteristics".

She design women wear, and she think that in Shanghai chinese women, much more than in other part of China, want to be sexy. According to her sexy outfit are low chest, short trousers, and transparent fabrics; clothes that show and cover at the same time the skin.

She is a pure spirit and a little bit naive, her philosophy about create a new design is the follow: "design is essential for human tasks, only when people create more good [beautiful] design, then the future of humanity could be more wonderful".

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