Niki - Xu Qin

During last spring Shanghai fashion week, Niki - Xu Qin - came out with an unique collection. A woman sportswear collection in the tone of blue, red and white.

Personal data.
Since her childhood Niki loves fashion, and, after few year as a lecturer in SWPU University, she decided to make her dream real.

She is chinese and proud to be; her design inspiration comes from chinese modern lifestyle and iconic image from the period of Charming Mao.

In the collection presented at Shanghai fashion week each piece has a multi-purpose function and it can be worn in different way, to recall the traditional Chinese virtues: thrifty and consciousness.

Niki's brother, when they were kid, had a sea-striped t-shirt with a five pointed red star; where he grow up, Niki's mother changed that t-shirt into her skirt. This memory is so vivid in Niki's mind that she used it for her debut on the catwalk as a fashion designer.

According to her: "Design is a life attitude; design breaks routine, it deconstructs and innovates clothes".

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