Fabian - Chen Xiang Hao

Fabian (Chen Xiang Hao) is from Macau, China.

He has been living in Shanghai since 2008, and in this cosmopolitan city he became aware about sportswear, and his design process had been influenced by it.
"In Macau", as he said, "people are very traditionalist […] they do not accept to wear clothes (sport wears) with simple cut and shape, and bright colors". When he came to live in Shanghai, he figured out how many young people were wearing sport wear in their daily life. It was a revelation: especially for the use of man made fiber.

During his design process, the fabric selection his extremely relevant; that's why he's often research fabric sample in GuangZhou or KeQiao fabric market.
His motto is: "make the product better and better", and a good fabric selection helps. 

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