Nick - Nie Yu

Nick (Nie Yu) is a young designer down to earth.

During his design work, he loves to research different kind of approach to develop clothes as well as new printing methodologies. All those things can bring him very far away; but he always considers  the market, and the trend of the moment.

His last work was developed from origami. He was working on three different ways. 
First one: after he fold a paper into an origami, he open it and trace the line. Those line, draw in different kind of stroke, can be used as a pattern.
Second one: according to the origami line, he transfer them on the garment structuring a 3D effect by pleats and fold.

Third one: apply print and fabric transformation (pleats), and then use the elaborated fabric in the garment.
The last way is the most interesting one because the print is applied on a pleated fabric, so the print surface is not continues when the fabric is unbent.

 This process can just be apply for man made fiber, especially polyester, because this fiber keeps the memory, even after been washed, of the pleat.

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