Felicia Ardelia

Felicia Ardelia is from Indonesia as well, she used to live in Malaysia, Beijing and Shanghai (China), and now she is in Singapore.

As a designer, her style change drastically in Beijing, were she was no more afraid to dress something unusual, to be different. Each place where she lived influence her somehow, and more the cultural was different from her personal background, more the influence was strong.

She is a multifaceted designer: her interest go from sketching and garment production, to photo shooting and editing.

She said: "I love both computer works and photography, as it goes hand in hand. Photography only, without the help of editing color and lighting, would not be as good."
Her last collection, Le Cirque Lunatique, was shot in Thames Town, Shanghai.

She had a few props such as hat, walking stick, clown puppets, hula-hoop, and soap bubbles to create the cirque atmosphere.

"Design is a very broad term that means differently on each person. It shows the true self, our dreams and how we feel, everything about the designer shows through the design."

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