Natalia Kiantoro

Natalia Kiantoro, but - as she said: "You can call me Natalia." - is a designer surrounded, since she was a kid, by the fashion world.
She loves to be creative using different media, play around with fabrics, matching clothes and accessories.

Personal Data.
Natalia Kiantoro is from Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country with a lot of ethnic tradition, like batik or wayang (puppet). Those element influence Natalia's design under several aspect, especially in the choose of pattern and palette color.

Her way of working is linear: from the inspiration and picture research, passing into an analysis of the picture by reproducing it using different kind of media, to the design sketching. The final develop of the collection is done according to the latest trend on the market, review according her personal style.

Her design idea come from observation drawing and draping experiments: "I prefer to do both to gain more ideas. Especially with draping experiment, unexpected ideas often come up."

Design - according to her - is a way for express human intellect in a visual form.

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