Ignazio Lucenti

At Motion Graphics Italian Festival we met Ignazio Lucenti.

Personal Data.
Ignazio Lucenti is from Italy and he works as a graphic designer. He is humble and shy, despite his knowledge as a designer.

His work is a performance of few minutes; it covered, as a second skin, the external wall of Visconti’s Castel in Abbiategrasso. On the surface, red bricks, different kind of image follow one into the other; showing the Tarot story.

He chose this theme because these kinds of cards appeared for the first time during the Visconti’s kingdom. Of course, here and there, you could find some image from the video game of the ‘90s, like prince of Persia climbing between windows for rescue the princess. As he said: “game that influenced my passion for computer and animation software”.

The software he used is cinema 4D and after effect; he learn those software on the field, while he was working for the motion graphics festival. And the result is impressive.

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