Lauren Elissa Pilgreen

Lauren's design approach has been influence by American and Chinese culture as well.
Different kind of beauty, different kind of lifestyle, different kind of need, allow her to explore her idea with an open mind.

Personal data.
Lauren Elissa Pilgreen is a young and talented designer.
She stayed in Los Angeles, California; and Shanghai, China.
Now she is going to explore London, UK.

This is how she conceptualizes her cultural background from Los Angels and Shanghai in her design. "What it lacks in historical architecture and ancient culture, California makes up for in awe-inspiring nature, innovative art, and a strong market for fashion consumerism. On the other hand, Shanghai also has a market for consumerism but is more dominant in historical and modern Chinese lifestyle, pioneering architecture, and wild and ambitious fashion. I am drawn equally to the angles of the Shanghai skyscrapers and the sunny vineyards of Los Angeles. Both cities have strong influences on the fashion designer I am today; my design style has become a bohemian, oriental chic with a strong emphasis on quality silk and loose silhouettes."

She mainly design clothes, but she also design accessories like shoes and bag. According to her for all the process design, the first step is always the same: a series of ideas, images, or even emotions. Although each area of fashion design may originate from the same concept, each product requires a different level of creativity and usability.

Influenced by Fukushima nuclear disaster, her last work is a Tribute to Chaos and Disorder. But more than on the visible disaster, she focus on the psychological damage, the one that influence the personality and behave of a person affected by Chaos and Disorder. This tribute is for "accepts the demons in our heads and commemorates the crazy side that lies beneath the surface of all human beings."

Despite her passion for fashion design, that express the ability to create individual, fabulously innovative commodities; she perceives the fashion system as an arena where you have to fight in order to survive. You need to have extraordinary amounts of talent, ambition, and stamina.

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