Sian Riley

Sian Riley is a joyful and enthusiastic women wear designer.
She always been interested in how women's fashion has evolve through the years, and she always want to create: become a designer was her natural choice.
She love to experiment different kind of material to develop clothes, like plastic or paper, but "some of my more artistic project can all be worn, even if they are a little crazy".
She believes in the concept "make, do and mend", and she challenges herself to develop new pieces in recyclable materials. Like the outfit make out in plastic to stress out the idea of a "throwaway society", a society where no one use things for very long time, and he rather trash them than repair them.

Working on the same concept she designed the paper origami dress. All the papers, after she folded and elaborated them, are assembled together with superglue.
Sian collaborated with Abercrombie&Fitch where she improve her skills in the typographical aspect, a field of creativity in which you can play with prints and color.
Her positive attitude to creativity is understandable in the definition she gave about design: "it allows the constant removal of preconceived ideas and the progression of life"

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