Ana Ines Morelli

Ana Ines Morelli is a young fashion designer.
Since she was a child, she was into fashion by making paper clothes for her dolls. For a while, during her career as a student, she was passionate about politics; however her true love was and still is fashion. 
She truly enjoys to play with fabrics; to combine different texture and color; to create a style. "I like to think that design is the practical and useful side of art".
Her interested in fabric manipulation came out while she was developing the collection Catástrofes Naturales. Ana colored and burned the fabrics to give the effect of the acid rain on the garment. A transposition of the effect of acid rain on a piece of linen, that was destroyed and intoxicated by drops of water.

In her last work, misturas, the simple line of the garments and the desaturated colors like cream, grey and military green, made a strong contrast with the handmade accessories in coral. 
The hat is design especially for the catwalk, by wearing them all models appear more like mannequins so the "futurist essence of the collection is more visible".

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