Marc Bauchère

Marc Bauchère is found in women apparel. He was driven over here by his studies and his passion for scarf, lace handkerchiefs and embroidery details.
"I like fashion […] and to create livens me up."
He designs garment and accessories as well. According to him, the silhouette of a cloth continues in the bag and shoes, as a logical step of the design process. Shape after shape, the armory of a collection is done.
His tough while he is developing any design work are like a flowing river: each idea bring up a new one. His last work is a good sample.

His inspiration was the brand MontBlanc. Nowadays this brand is diversifying his product for a female customer; from here the research about what you can make through pen and pencil; a pen write on a paper; and a white paper can be beautifully elaborate by cut and pleat, like Peter Callesen's work. "I liked the idea of specific fabric that can be elaborated like paper to evoke the design and graphics of MontBlanc pen".
The volume of the collection is sober, but the cut and elaboration of fabrics like ottoman and pique cottons, the color shade, from black to sand and back to the vivid and electric tone, make this collection outstanding.
"Design is and expression of art, a way to communicate idea without word."

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