Jadelene Tang

Jadelene Tang is a illustrator and a fashion designer passionate about shoes.
Her interest for fashion blossomed when she was poring over her first glossy magazine and lusting after a girlfriend's most recent stiletto purchase. "I was choked up with emotions, and then I started to sketch".

"Design is a method to solve problems […] a language to communicate. Nowadays sustainability and business ethics are becoming the design focus".
Her Illustration are mostly done by ink. Her stile is close to Japanese comics, where the contrasts of black and white are dominant. The coming February she is going to hold an exhibition in Japan.

Even though she mostly draws by hand, she uses as well computer to develop her design. "None of the designers from the new generation is strange to Adobe".
She studied fashion design, and the Chinese Opera inspired her graduate collection, Henrietta.

"I was amazed by the resplendent cultural costume and accessories […] to complete the look I used trims, laces, feathers, tassels and pearl".
Those elements give to the overall look a sense of richness and opulence, emphasized by the hats.
As any woman, she loves shoes. "The spark of shoe-desire takes just a moment to take hold, and then the need to find that prefect shoe is intoxicating".


Shortly she is going to have her retail store: "I love fashion, but my ideal woman impress someone with her attitude, not with fashion statement".

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