Kelly Wenrick

Kelly Wenrick is specializes in menswear.
"I like the craft and problem solving of tailoring and menswear construction"

She defines herself a tomboy; that's way she understands what men appreciate in clothing, a field where functionality is in harmony with fashion.

For her collection The law of Clubs and Fangs she made a research about shape and fabrics used by the first explorers of the poles; the color palette comes from the environments. "The shape and details are rugged, functional and somewhat haphazard […] to reflect the psychological torment of being isolated in a frizzed wasteland".

She is also interested in eco-design, and nowadays "it is important be environmentally conscious"; she developed some works in cotton elaborating this natural fiber dyeing it with natural tea color, or make the garments keep the texture she gave them by using rice starch.

"Today [be eco-friendly] is a trend. Hopefully when the novelty wears off, there will still be lasting improvements".

As a designer she is open minded, and she likes to mix cultures and media using fine art in lifestyle objects.

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