Jennifer Cantwell

Jennifer Cantwell is an instinctive designer; most of her inspirations come from children, their absence of judgments influence, and their freedom to express themselves.

Photographer: Tommy McAdams - Model: Oz Ozyalcin
"Over thinking is the most negative thing I can do while creating. When I let things happen naturally […] I am entirely happy with the outcome".

Her two collections, The Innocent Eye and Instinct, are based on the same concept and ideas: children and their careless about other opinions. Their behavior and the ability to do what they feel is right, trusting their intuitive capacity.

photographer: Kylie Beiharz
"I wanted to express youth and the idea that we can still mix polka dots and stripes […] or wear knee socks with lace on them if we want to".

For the photo-shoot of her collection The Innocent Eye, she developed all the accessories: "I get lost entirely in the innate detail of each piece I create".
Jennifer, to shoot this collection, collaborated with the photographer Kylie Beiharz, who had the same vision, and similar eye for detail and taste.

photographer: Kylie Beiharz
Since she was a child she loved to paint and draw, and to feel the difference clothes fabrics. For her it was natural to begin a fashion designer career.
"As a young designer, you must go into it with respect for yourself, and never become a slave to the fashion industry or you will loose sight of your truly meant to become".

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