Form globalization to individuality, by Stathis Samantas.

Dear readers, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl, and her name was Greece. The wind was soft on her blond hair, like the corn in summer; the blue sea could see itself inside her innocent eyes; her skin was soft and smelled of laurel. She used to run into nature with Artemis, wearing leather sandals. During that time she was happy.
She was so beautiful and full of joy that Turkey noticed her. He turned her into his lover, and he forced her to wear fancy dress and shoes made out of brocade. 

She was captive and she could no longer run on the sand. When she finally managed to escape, she was seduced by Italy that cover her with clothes and shoes in red, white and green colors. 

Their story didn't ended well. The weak Italy was put apart by Germany, his friend. Germany was a rude and tough conquer, who forced the miserable girl to wear calfskin boots.

Somehow Greece managed to escape, but she was tired. The wounds were just closed, and they left visible scars on her once beautiful skin, when she has to affront other troubles: the economic crisis.
She is facing it with courage, hoping in a more clean a transparent action by politicians. 

"Greece is one of the first countries that tasted the experience of globalization with an unorthodox and hard way: through wars. The war contains somehow the notion of globalization and purpose of the conqueror. It is the expansion of its own cultural characteristics and the assimilation or mixing with the features of the conquered. Although nowadays globalization is imposed not with the traditional concept of war as we used to know it, but with economic war, and our effort is to keep clear all aspects of our individuality. How? By filtering the data of everyday life through the web of history.’’

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