It is amazing that -finally- also in Milan, one of the Fashion Capitals, fashion happening are becoming more open.
Following the concept of the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition (Salone del Mobile), a week that every April involves: designer, buyers, students, and person seeking new concept and a new approach to art. During this week most of the happenings are open to everyone is interested about them; in Milan there are art performances and temporary installations: a great way to involve every one to the furniture design word.
NUDE: M. Gaspari and F.Liberatore; NEXT GENERATION: R. Ohishi, M. Garcia Abad, L. Ji Young Jang, and I. Zoboli
After several years of invite-only-events; the fashion system realized that the open-event concept was useful to keep the interest on fashion, especially in a crystallized situation like the one we have here in Milan, where famous and well know brand were dictating the timing of the fashion week, and the new talents had few chance to be shown.
The new concept line of the Milan Fashion Camber, that dedicate an entire show to new upcoming designers at Castello Sforzesco, plus an exhibition room near Piazza dei Mercanti for the entire fashion week (where selected designers can present their collection and showcase their work), is a remarkable step. And over the top, both this initiatives are open - every one can sneak inside and take a look to the collections. Have a little chitchat with designers. Get in touch with a fashion world that is less glamour, and more close to us.
Finally: fashion meets people.

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