Debora Zavaglia

Debora took a long journey before she could follow her real passion and fulfill her dreams: to be a fashion designer.
Debora has a deep interest in history and fashion history is just her field: on the base of all her information of outstanding designer form the past (Coco Channel is one of her favorite) she got a lot of idea and concept for develop her own style.
The capsule collection Debora presented during the last MWFW 13/14 mixes in an unusual way African spiral/circle concept and the Japanese cut line form kimono.
The final outfits are outstanding, kept together thank to a brave fabric choice: melange wool original from the '60s in gray shade combined with light blueish green and deep blue jersey.
Debora, following the concept of all her collection, designed few pieces that could be worn in different way. Like she uses to say: "one piece that could be worn like two." This is possible by playing whit detail like the coat' collar that is removable or the under blouse of the '20s style dress. And, of course, most of the outfits of her last collection could be worn in one side or upside-down, making the seam visible like unusual details.

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