Isha Pimpalkhare

Isha Pimpalkhare is a textile designer form India.
"I have grown up watching different textiles - as she says - and their history and traditions […] those textile have always intrigued me […] choosing textile design as a career came quite naturally".
She likes to experiment new fabrics manipulation on natural fibers, or to fold unwoven fibers with origami pleat to have three dimensional effects.
Isha "Fabric Construction" project is inspired by the orange pith surface. 
She made a screen with paper on which she cut out the pattern she want to be exposed to caustic soda. The caustic soda corroded the fabric uneven surface and then the fabrics were left to dray at the sun. The final surface has pattern grooves that you can follow with your finger.
Isha challenged herself and few friends of her with a stole collection to sell it. It was challenging because they come out with a lot of ideas and suggestions, but they had to balance all the opinions to come to a conclusion. "Not necessarily did always work out the way one wanted it to."
The final collection is nice, salable and has some interesting dyeing techniques, like clamps, and sawing handmade details with thick thread.
"Design today may be art, science or commerce. Design has shown all these fields a completely new approach and thus provided new opportunities for a better future."

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