Claudia la Mattina

Claudia la Mattina is a fashion designer in charge of the quality control of few children wears lines; and because of this job she is often traveling in China (Shenzhen province) and Turkey. 
Photo by Claudio Vignola
However her Italian root, with a special link to Sicily couture, influenced her first fabric jewelry collection. Her first collection that came out entirely design and produced by her: a collection that speaks about her true passion for art and textile, and that gave to Claudia the satisfaction to create something beautiful by her own. 
Claudia has a true passion about lace and embroidery, and the Sicilian Liberty Style, full of delicate flower as decoration, inspired her first jewelry collection. 
Photo by Claudio Vignola
The main color Claudia used was off white, because most of the hand worked crouched hook are in this color and she wanted a strong link to the tradition; however she developed as well few pieces in black and light gray nuances, those pieces are perfect to wear with an evening outfit. 
Photo by Claudio Vignola
The jewelries, all done by hand, are a balance combination of light lace, flower shape embroidery, and perils. Some of them are tight to the neck, other could be drape all around the body to give unexpected decoration that can make unique even a simple t-shirt. Bracelet and brooches complete this collection. 

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